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Ascot Shoes - About Us

Ascot Shoes is a unique shoe store specialising in high-end shoes, based in the English countryside.  We are the main official US & European Vass Stockists for all Vass Made To Order (MTO's) shoes.

Our Vass customised MTO Service aim to bring a new dimension and service to the men shoes industry, with intriguing ideas and designs, using the finest calf from Italy and France.  The end result is a beautiful hand crafted pair that suits men of all age, being conservative and contemporary.  The handmade shoemaking tradition in Hungary goes back to the Austro-Hungarian monarchy of the 19th century, and some of the styles and techniques have barely changed.  For someone accustomed to English and Italian shoes,  Austro-Hungarian classic designs like the Budapester (a formal close lace oxford wingtip) or Alt Wien (a Derby open-lace punched cap toe) will seem heavy than their British friends.  But the rounded shape and higher toe are a perfect match for a robust construction with a goyser welt.  For a contemporary look, Vass partnered with Roberto Ugolini of Florence to design a collection of modern lasts (U, K and F) that blends well with the hand-welted construction and today formal dress wear.

Laszlo Vass, born in Budapest in 1946, worked in the Hungarian fashion house of Magyar Divatintezet as a clicker, closer, shoemaker, and designer from 1964 until 1969. In 1970, having gained his professional shoemaking qualifications he joined a private workshop specializing in hand-made shoes and ladies' boots as assistant chief designer and shoemaker.  In 1978 Vass founded his own workshop and opened a business in the centre of Budapest. Since 1988 he and his 40+ staff have concentrated on traditional shoemaking. Today the exquisite quality of the shoes made by Vass has earned the workshop enormous respect throughout the global shoe community.
You can read more about Laszlo Vass book on "Handmade Shoes For Men"
ISBN: 9783833160455
Made to Order Shoes (MTO)  Laszlo Vass in Hungary specialise in custom shoes, making each pair of shoes by hand. The shoes are hand clicked, hand lasted and hand welted taking over 8-10 weeks for each pair.  Ascot Shoes have been authorized Vass partner for over 8 years, providing expert Made to Order (MTO) shoes for clients spanning across the globe from San Francisco to Shanghai and London to Lisbon. 

Phone: +44 (0)7495 411782

Business Address:
18 Gomer Road
GU19 5DQ
United Kingdom
Company registration number: 6160429
VAT number: GB 255 1845 96