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Vass Shoes - Central London

Mark Powell Bespoke (The Shoe Snob)
2 Marshall Street
United Kingdom
Monday to Friday
10.00am - 6.00pm
10.00am - 5.00pm
For appointments for Vass Shoes fittings please email:



Shoe lovers are now able to see and try on Vass shoes in a Central London store. A wide range of Vass styles and the full Ascot Shoes range of lasts are available for viewings, fittings, and the team has all the sample leather swatches and details to guide customers through the made-to-order programme. Vass shoes are all fully hand-welted, hand-lasted and hand-soled, making them truly handmade.

The Made To Order option lets you create a virtually unique and custom bespoke design for yourself.

Ascot Shoes, run by Karl Chu, was born out of his passion for high-end, hard-to-find shoes, and over the years has become the official UK distributor for Vass shoes with a large amount of business across the world. Apart from a few trunk shows, however, Ascot Shoes business model has been almost entirely online. With this new collaboration, Karl is making his shoe designs easier to access and, for those on the fence thinking about sizing, the addition of being able to physically see and try on the shoes is an exciting new venture.