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Vass Shoes - Made To Order Information

The Ordering Process

Select a Design

Vass Shoes produce a range of footwear in all range of styles from Brogues, Derbys & Loafers to High Boots, Chukkas and Monk Straps.

Select the Leathers / Colours

A wide range and styles of Lasts can be chosen to compliment your style or shape of foot, paired with a classic selection of leathers or suedes up to Exotic skins such Alligator, Caiman and Ostrich.


Extra touches can be added to make your shoe more unique and personal from Steel Toe Caps or Rubber Soles to a Military High Shine or Burnished Finish.

Selecting Your Model

You can choose from a wide range of Vass Shoe models, last and styles from our Made to Order collection or via Instagram feed. If you are unsure which design and last would best fit your requirements, we will be very happy to offer you our professional advice, please drop us an  Before we proceed with any potential orders we would like to ask some essential sizing questions to ensure the size and fitting is suitable.

1. Have you worn or tried on the Vass brand before? If not how about the following respected and well constructed shoes: 

USA: Allen Edmond, Alden & Brooks Brothers.

UK: Edward Green, Crockett & Jones, Gaziano & Girling, Church's, John Lobb, Barker, Loakes & Trickers.

European: Pierre Corthay, Berluti, JM Weston, Bally, Aubercy, Carmina, Justin Fitzpatrick, Yanko, Bestetti & Meccariello.

2. Do you know the size; model & width fitting of your current shoes?

3. Do you know if your width fitting is Narrow, Average or Wide?

4. We may take further measurements if you are unsure the of the above questions.

Choosing Your Last

We work with nine different last types. From square to round toe, from wide to slim, you can choose the last that suits you best and matches your individual style.

Last: P2 (Wide Width)

Classical and comfortable. Thanks to its elegant lines and perfect proportions the P2 is one of our most popular lasts and recommended for use with our Derby & Oxford models.

Last: F (Average Width)

This elegant last with an English rounded toecap, is another popular choice: it is narrower than the P2, and is elongated and features a high instep. 

Last: U (Narrow to Average Width)

Similar sizing to the F last, with a slightly asymmetric form. It has a lower instep; its cap is more elongated and squarer.

Last: 3636 (Wide Width)

With its extra width the 3636 provides exceptional comfort.
A round cap last that we recommend for our derby models.

Last: Budapest (Wide Width)

Our company’s trademark the "Budapest” last with its high toe-cap provides exceptional comfort for the toes, and is suitable for models produced with both welted and reverse-welted construction method.

Last: Peter (Wide Width)

The primary last for our Norweger and loafer models. It is a beautifully formed symmetric last with a comfortable instep height.

Last: R (Wide Width)

Quintessentially English last with a shorter round and flat captoe and comfortable high instep. This last is best suited to the Oxford type models.

Last: K (Narrow to Average Width)

One of the elegant tapered lasts in the Vass workshop. This last is elongated due to a narrow waist and has a reflective tilted toecap. 

Last: S (Narrow to Average)

Our latest and most elegantly elongated last. Similar to the U but with a longer and more chiseled toe.

Leathers & Colours

Vass leather is sourced from the respected French tannery "Tanneries Du Puy" and our Museum Calf is sourced from a Hermes sourced Italian Tannery "IICEA S.p.a".  We never compromise and select the highest grade calf to make your shoes.  A variety of colours and leather types are available from: Calf, Scotchgrain & Suede. Our Shell Cordovan is sourced from Horween in Chicago, USA.  Exotic skin Alligator, Caiman & Ostrich leather is also available upon request.

Burgundy Cordovan Brown Cordovan Black Cordovan


Black Calf Oxblood Calf Dark Brown Calf
Cognac Calf Burgundy Calf Brown Calf
Blue Calf Red Cognac Calf 6125 Cognac Calf
Antique Cognac Calf Dark Cognac Calf  


Tan Suede Reddish Brown Suede Olive Green Suede
Navy Suede Mid Brown Suede Dark-Brown Suede
Burgundy Suede    


Tan Scotchgrain Oxblood Scotchgrain Mid Brown Scotchgrain
Green Scotchgrain Cognac Scotchgrain Burgundy Scotchgrain
Brown Scotchgrain Blue Scotchgrain Black Scotchgrain


Plum Museum Calf Grey Museum Calf Green Museum Calf
Gold Museum Calf Brown Museum Calf Blue Museum Calf


Selecting Your Sole

You can choose any sole for your MTO shoes. From single leather sole for refinement or double sole for extra insulation, and double leather sole tapering to a single sole for extra insulation & refinement. Topy , Vibram or Dainite rubber soles is also an option for more grip and comfort.

Single Sole - Beveled Waist
Double Sole
Dainite - Double Sole
Vibram Rubber Sole Double Sole - Tapering to Single with Beveled Waist & Metal Toe Plate


Payment & Delivery

You can pay for your Vass Shoes in a number of ways: Amex, Visa, Transferwise, Bank Transfer, PayPal, All Major Credit and Debit cards, and you can pick up your order personally in our workshop in Surrey UK, or have it delivered Worldwide by DHL or Royal Mail.


Wait time is around 8 to 12 weeks depending on personal choices and complexity of the design. Exotic skins can take longer.

Made To Order Gallery

How To Place An Order

If you have any questions or you request further information, you can contact us by email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.